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The good news is that a new round of household appliances going to the countryside is coming, with a single subsidy of up to 800 yuan. Date:2019-02-13 / Written by: Mingcai / Read: 3992

Event: Household appliances going to the countryside 2.0

Ten departments, such as the Development and Reform Commission, jointly issued the "Implementation Plan for Further Optimizing Supply, Promoting Steady Growth of Consumption and Forming a Strong Domestic Market (2019)" on January 29. The policies related to household appliances include:
1. Supporting the sale of green and intelligent household appliances. Where conditions permit, new green and intelligent household appliances with long industrial chain, large driving coefficient and obvious synergistic effect of energy saving and emission reduction can be sold, and consumers can be given appropriate subsidies.


2. Promote the renewal of household appliances. Where conditions permit, appropriate subsidies can be given to consumers to sell old household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, television sets, lampblack machines, water heaters, cookers, computers) and purchase new household appliances to promote the sale of high-quality new products.
3. Speed up the consumption of UHD video products. We will increase support for the broadcasting of 4K ultra-high definition television channels of central and local TV stations, and enrich the supply of ultra-high definition video content. Support the upgrading and transformation of radio and television network and telecommunications network, and enhance the support capability of ultra-high definition video transmission. Where conditions permit, we can subsidize the promotion and application of UHD TV, set-top box, virtual reality/augmented reality equipment, and expand the consumption of UHD video terminals.
image.pngMarket prediction:
The last round of subsidy stimulus policy has driven the sales of household appliances products to a 10-year replacement cycle. Compared with the previous 08-12 round, this new round of stimulus policy mainly promotes the upgrading of household appliances products and supports the policy of "replacing the old with the new + saving energy and benefiting the people" of green smart household appliances sales. It pays more attention to structural consumption upgrading, and the policy content needs to be tailored to local conditions. Since February 1, Beijing will take the lead in implementing a three-year policy of energy saving and emission reduction to promote consumption, with a single subsidy of up to 800 yuan, and a new round of policy dividends is expected in the national household appliances market.